Resolving Conflict is the way Forward

All too often people avoid conflict but when different personalities interact and at times not agree, it is very likely to happen. Conflict in the workplace is not always a bad thingbut ignoring it can be.

Why Choose All Preventative Measures

With over 40 years of collective experience in conflict identification, management and resolution, All Preventative Measures functions as a coach to help you create a safe work environment. The tools used for training include self-taught courses, videos and questionnaires. Our efforts span across working with the inner-city communities, nonprofits organizations, local businesses, schools and local authorities. We act as a buffer for our judicial system and assist individuals and organizations with modern practices to avoid the potential litigation costs & lost time from work & life.

Types of Conflicts and Resolutions

Conflict may present itself in various identifiable and unidentifiable forms that can no longer be traditionally defined. Conflict may be happening within one's own self, with other people around you or with the environment - touching many aspects of life including technology, food, entertainment, hobbies, transportation, language, sex, creed. In the workplace it is most likely to be task based, relationship based or value based. The art is to identify conflict before it escalates and to mitigate it before it can have serious adverse consequences. At All Preventative Measures, we continuously train and develop our team to be versatile in combating all forms of conflict. Our solutions start with helping companies identify problem areas through questionnaires and then training their employees to apply conflict resolution strategies through videos and self-study programs.


Difference is at the heart of conflict. All disagreements, whether big or small, have some root cause. Some conflicts start for trivial reasons such as a person says or does something thoughtless and irresponsible and this behavior is not acceptable by another person. However, most conflicts have more compelling bases. Firstly, people disagree when their ideas, perceptions and values are not aligned or when their personalities clash. Conflicts can also arise if people have different objectives and goals. Sometimes conflicts generate from limited resources and unlimited wants and sometimes from uncontrollable significant changes in the environment.

No matter what the reason is, there is always a way to resolve a conflict. It is not necessary that someone has to be right or wrong. You just have to change your perspective. If the right tools and strategies are applied, everyone can be a winner.

We offer Smart Conflict Management Courses

At All Preventative Measures we function as a community and support one another through educating and empowering ourselves in order to progress towards a peaceful, happy and conflict free world. Some of the most effective courses are suggested below.

  • Corporate Relational Program
  • Effective Practical Talks
  • Improve Self Knowledge
  • Conflict Management Basics
  • How to Tackle Issues
  • How To Engage and Support

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