Our Courses

Learn on Your Schedule

Managing your time can be challenging, so we try to base our courses at your pace. Keeping up with your job, home and other responsibilities may seemoverwhelming. That is why at All Preventative Measures we have designed our courses and learning modules in a highly accessible and flexible way to allow you to study them at your own pace. You can set up your own study schedule, work through the lectures at your desired speed, take breaks whenever you want and study from the comfort of a place of your choosing.

How The Courses Help Companies and Organizations


Many organizations struggle to have healthy workforce relationships and comfortable work environments. Our courses have been designed to help employers and employees develop good conflict management skills so that they will be equipped to listen to and respect co-workers even if they disagree with them. This can help make your workplace pleasant and more efficient by increasing employees’ performance, retention, motivation and overall productivity. Some of our services include:

  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Technical Assistance
  • Project evaluations, impact assessments and future recommendations
  • Development and implementation to Projects
  • High-level advisory services on peacebuilding, stabilisation and so on
  • Mentoring local partners and drawing on their perspectives


Signing up with the All Preventative Measures coaching service is super easy. We provide one on one consultation to companies and organizations eager to learn and teach their employees the critical conflict management skills. After a thorough review of our services, we create a company account for each organization. Employees from the organization can sign up and get access to courses, study materials and video tutorials focusing on different topics.

Completion of The Course

The courses are comprehensively designed to include the latest in research and the most up to date tools and techniques. We make sure that the material is shared in a way that is not only easily accessible but is interesting to study and fun to absorb. There is a diverse range of topics available for review such as self-esteem, depression, workplace bullying and more. Employers can assign topics as they see fit and employees can work through the courses at their own pace.

On the completion of the course, we expect the employees to have developed essential conflict management skills so that they can deal with their internal struggles, the differences with other people or their changing environment.

Students Success Stories

Early conflict identification, mitigation and resolution has proven to be a highly valuable asset for many of the organizations that we have worked with. Only after taking a few courses, our students have reported a greater willingness to resolve issues using the technical skills they have acquired. We have seen a spike in not only their personal happiness but also the overall productivity of the organizations. Here is what our community says about working with us.