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Who We Are

We all have had unhealthy experiences with bullies and people who are trying to bring you down. Whether it is somebody in your family, your social circle, your workplace or the society in general. The frustration of dealing with such people is exhausting. Having personally worked in conflict management for almost three decades now I have observed and experienced conflicts on a regular basis. After witnessing numerous altercations getting taken way out of proportion a light went off. I realized that as an observer you can either play the role of one who perpetuates the negativity or the one who assists and neutralizes issues. In the heat of a situation, you have the power to decide if you will be the positive force or bring negativity to the conflict.

My personal experience of successfully dealing with various kinds of personal and professional conflicts led to the creation of All Preventative Measures. I am now joined by an experienced team of local citizens from California who have all either witnessed or endured life changing experiences. Together we are here to help you take all the preventative measures for a happy life.

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Why Work with Us?

At All Preventative Measures we are guided by the Dalai Lama’s philosophy - “Peace does not mean an absence of conflicts; differences will always be there. Peace means solving these differences through peaceful means; through dialogue, education, knowledge; and through humane ways.” In the last five years we have helped a hundred plus clients in resolving more than five hundred complicated situations and achieved a hundred percent satisfaction rate. We aim to serve all humans through conflict mitigation with the hope to achieve peace in the world.

We Are Here To Help

We all want to live in a conflict free world. Unfortunately, disagreements and conflicts are a major part of work and life in general. While many of us fear conflict, it can also be taken as a healthy activity that leads to growth. People and teams that go through the conflict resolution process learn to stand up for themselves, to compromise where needed and to be stronger together.

To deal with conflicts in a constructive way and keep your relationships strong and growing, you need to be equipped with the right tools and skills. That is where All Preventative Measures can help. We provide a frequently updated list of courses and video lectures that can help you and your employees gather skills that they can use to handle conflict within themselves, with other people or with their environment. Customized questionnaires can help employees identify if they feel that the work environment is not safe and other employees are making them uncomfortable. Our technical experts provide guidance and our support team is always available for assistance.

At All Preventative Measures we are equipped in dealing with all kinds of complicated conflicts that are faced by small, growing and established companies. If you want help making your workplace safe and your workforce happy and healthy, just talk to us.